Finding our perfect Christmas tree & walking the donkeys. 


We found our Christmas Tree!!

The first weekend of December was a huge success. I woke up Saturday morning and went off to do my daily weekend tasks: feeding the animals then drinking lots of coffee while I watch my favorite holiday movies. This time I was watching “Bad Santa”, one of the most hilarious holiday classics. After lounging in my PJ’s. Alex tells me “Get ready, I have a surprise for you”. Oh! No heels he said… !! Curiosity was killing me while we drove to the destination. As we were about to turn into a parking lot, I saw a sign “Christmas Trees”. Excitement was an understatement. We got ready to scout for our Christmas Tree, but not before Alex got me a cup of coffee…He knows me so well. He then got a quick tip from the Christmas Tree Farm Owner on where to find the best trees, so we grabbed a wagon and began our search. Soon after we walked a few aisles of trees, we found the most wonderful fluffiest Christmas tree! Alex grabbed the saw and cut down his first tree ever. It was such a great trip, only thing left is to decorate it. 



Donkeys go for a walk.

This weekend was the first time we decided to take our donkeys on trail walk. Bella and Boomer could not wait to get out and explore. I walked Bella, while Alex was accompanied by Boomer. While Boomer was sniffing every crevice, Bella & I were having fun jogging through the trail. Both donkeys are trained by Susan – she runs a great rescue – you can find her on facebook. Bella was incredible, she walked beside me and never pulled me once. We look forward to taking them on more adventures. 

Recap: Our whole home smells like pine, which feels like Christmas is in the air. I haven’t yet decorated the tree, but that will be during the week and I can’t wait!! I love seeing the twinkle lights when  I come home, I think everyone secretly does. Plus its the holiday season and its completely acceptable to have twinkle lights in the house. The most beneficial part of the weekend was taking the donkeys on a walk made them a lot more quiet, which is fantastic. Oh how i love this time of year. 

Stay tuned for pictures of our decorated Christmas tree & news about our newest rescue.

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