My 3 day weekend of non-stop adventures. 


FridayAll week long I was preparing for this day. We had Alex’s family coming over for a BBQ and I had to take my 3 piggies to the vet. The BBQ: Oh my gosh…. so much good food.. I ate BBQ chicken, lasagna, cucumber salad, BBQ beans, chocolate chip cake… oh and a giant piece of cheesecake with fresh strawberries. I was so full that I was waddling around like a penguin. Mike & Linda finally got to meet my piglets, unfortunately two of the piglets were upset because they came back from the vet after getting neutered. Oh and did I mention Mike swinging on the rope… it was hilarious! The trip to the vet for the piglets took more time than I expected. When I thought about how long it will take for me to take all the pigs to the vet and bring them back, I assumed an hour there and an hour back. Well…. this is how it went – I got up 6:30 am to load up my 110 pound pig “Big Mac” and the two male piglets “Peanut” & “Comrad” ( 12 pounds each … my little children). When everyone was loaded, I headed out to Riverside to drop off the two piglets and then drove to Temecula to drop off Big Mac. On the ride there my little piglets decided to sit on my lap the entire time and were fighting who got the prime spot. The ride back was not the case…. they were so mad at me… well who can blame them they got neutered. They were so upset that they sat below the passenger seat staring me …”How could you!!” Overall, I drove 280 miles driving back and forth to get all the pigs dropped off and picked up. After such an eventful day…. I fell asleep at 10 pm watching my current favorite TV Show “Damages”. Needless to say I will need a triple espresso in the morning haha. 

Saturday: After everyone was fed and happy, Me & Alex decided to venture out to De Luz to a nursery we found online. I got ready with my giant cup of coffee and off we went. The drive was a little tough, so we decided to stop to get lunch at a sushi restaurant near downtown Temecula. Oh my the food was so good, unfortunately we skipped the dipped fried ice cream because we were too full… *sign* it looked so delicious. After lunch we headed back on the road driving through residential area for ten miles, the area was unusual but definitely gorgeous. The entire time we were surrounded by trees and groves… I saw so many orange trees that I was tempted to stop and pick up a few… the giant fences stopped me. We arrived at the Halls Nursery, it was nothing I’ve ever seen bother. We wondered through  30 acres covered in plants, trees and flowers. We ended our journey with a purchase of a Washington Naval Orange Tree, Valencia Orange Tree , Satsuma Mandarin, and a Fiji Apple Tree. I can’t wait for them to fruit and to watch Alex plant them all … muahaha.

Sunday: As usual I woke up to feed all the animals, when everyone finished eating I made sure to spend quality time with all of them. My little goats kept following me around hoping I had treats to give to them, while Dolly & Bella were laying out in the sun and enjoying watching people walking by. After our normal routine, we had the pleasure of meeting the owner of the Longhorn ranch down the street. The owner showed us around his ranch and all his animals. It was such an honor to see such beautiful creatures, I have no clue how their neck’s don’t hurt after holding up those horns. Crazy! I completed my adventurous weekend by going to visit my parents. 

It’s officially over 80 degrees here in Southern California, so I’m thinking of going to the Boat this weekend….. I could use some sun!! 

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