Piglets are two weeks old!

Saturday: We began the weekend by doing our chores around the property. Alex was cleaning out the sheds while I cleared out the feed shed for my animals. After working all day on the house, we went to grab dinner at Lone Star Steakhouse. Our food was great but what really made our dinner great was the dessert…. okay most of the time that’s the best part, except this peaches and cream bread pudding was pure greatness! It was warm and the ice cream would melt over the bread pudding… oh man I can’t wait to try it again. Another honorary dessert is from Wood Ranch BBQ we just had recently, I picked out the Cheesecake and the taste and texture was similar to the one I make myself. I was really surprised how flavorful it was, because most of the time the cheesecakes at restaurants taste very bitter or the texture is not properly balanced.  When we got back we fed all the animals and decided to sit in with the piglets. Handling the piglets while they’re this young helps build their temperament toward people when they get older. We sat down while Carrie the Mom was eating and started playing with the piglets, letting them climb all over us… its adorable! The piglets already grew twice their size and run around the barn like lightning. 

Sunday: We woke up around 7 am because the tree cutting service was supposed to come, but plans changed and they arrived later in the day. Me and Alex had the fun part of clearing out the tree branches that were 4ft to 10ft tall, it was hard work but our tree looks great! I did take an hour to run some errands and by the time I got home Alex was ready for dinner. We decided to finish our weekend off with our favorite spot Badlands BBQ, like always the food was great and we walked out of there overly stuffed but overly happy. We finished off the day spending time with our dogs and prepping for the week ahead. 

See you next weekend!

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