New family member

sunny day is for playtime

Meet Big Mac.

Meet the newest member that we recently adopted, he goes by the name “Big Mac”. He has the most precious blue eyes and runs around the yard in circles. He’s now a happy new member with the other 5 piggies.

Our little farm family is now complete.

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First Snow..

snow day 12 31 14_3

First snow at my home.


Most parts of California never see snow at the front porch, especially not the area I live. There were images of snow at my house few years ago but being this is my second winter here, I was doubtful.During the end of December, temperatures kept dropping to low 40 degrees. On December 30th it hit 37 degrees and it started to rain around 9pm, before I knew it there were snowflakes hitting my cheeks as I was feeding my animals outside. Continue Reading