“Me” Time

“Me” Time.

Everyone is always moving at the speed of light…It’s difficult to slow down and take a moment to enjoy some quality time to yourself.  

My favorite pass time is to find a well lit spot, get comfortable with my favorite blanket and either read a book to educate myself on specific subject or sketch unique buildings.

The best refresher for your yourself is to find 30 min to 1 hour a day and spend it purely on yourself.

Hobbies to keep my mind busy:

  • Reading Non- fiction: Mainly about City Planning.
  • Architectural Sketching 
  • Catch up on my favorite shows: Law & Order: SVU!! Don’t judge me. 
  • Baking my favorite classic recipes.
  • Jewelry Making. I love creating unique pieces that you will never find in a store.
  • Exploring new places and take pictures.
  • Ballet – I turn on my favorite songs and dance my heart out.
  • Running or playing soccer. 
  • Spending time with my animals
  • Going to our boat and just simply relax

What I would recommend to everyone is to create a routine that you can fit into your daily schedule. Find what works for you, whether you enjoy making a gourmet meal or going for a walk. Explore your bliss. 

me time

“Sometimes you just need a little bit of time for yourself to clear up your mind and see things from a new perspective..” – Unknown

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