Baby Piglets are here!!

Friday Night: I am off work and get on the freeway, 3o minutes into my drive I get stuck in really bad traffic where I was driving 5mph. While sitting in traffic,  Alex calls telling me my pig is in labor…. oh boy!!! I got home roughly two hours later to see the end of it. The little piglets were adorable, the mama pig was glad to see me but you can tell she was exhausted. We got 3 boys and 3 girls in the litter, we had to stay up until 2:30 in the morning to make sure the mama pig is okay and her little ones are healthy to sleep through the night….Finally bed time.

Saturday: I wake up around 7 am to check up on the piglets and the mama… All of them were doing great in midst of feeding time. After the little ones finished eating.. I grabbed each of the piglets one by one to teach them how to be friendly around people. It’s amazing how the piglets were already creating their own personalities; the little chubby female loves to put her nose on you when you pick her up, the black/white male loves to run around and when you pick him up he wants to climb on your shoulder. I couldn’t believe how energetic they piglets were after only being born the night before. Every time I would check up on them, the mama pig was so thrilled to see me, wanting my attention…I am sure she just wanted interaction with people while babysitting her babies all day. 

Sunday: All the animals are healthy! To celebrate our hard work, Alex & I went to lunch at our current favorite BBQ spot – Badlands BBQ . We love the food there & never fail to waddle out of the restaurant extremely full. When we got home, we took our mini donkey “Bella” and our mini  horse “Dolly” on a walk. Both Bella and Dolly were excited to go on a little adventure, while me and Alex were walking off the over full tummy’s. Oh the tractor… haha.. Alex has it to take care of the property, we thought it would be funny for me to drive it around while I had my morning cup of coffee. 

The little ones at one day old!!

I can’t wait to watch them grow week by week.. never would have thought that I would have so many farm animals, but I am more than happy to give these sweet animals a good home. 

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