One Month Old Piglets.

Just another ordinary weekend taking care of animals, especially the piglets.Good news is that the piglets are officially one month old, which is that much closer for them to take care of themselves and give their mama pig a rest and time enjoy outside. I can’t believe how friendly and trusting the piglets have become, I’m able to turn three of them on their backs without them completely going bonkers. To have any animal feel comfortable on their back is a huge ordeal, but to have baby pigs feel safe flipped upside… that’s a bold statement. My goal is to make them so friendly I can take them anywhere without a worry. Carrie is the piglets mom and she can follow  me around the whole property like a dog and she listens too, so hopefully the piglets take after her. It just goes to show you how different it is to be a breeder vs. having little piglets by accident, the amount of time I spend with them makes all the difference. These animals are just so adorable and lovable, makes you feel rewarded for taking care of them.  As usual, Alex wanted his favorite BBQ spot and this time I was seriously craving a cheeseburger! I got the Jalapeno Burger with Onion Straws….. it was ridiculously good. We both were also on a hunt for a diner type restaurant and I think we finally found one.. *bonus point* its near our home and they have real homemade baked goods. I promise as soon as the piglets are weaned and are able to be without Carrie, me and Alex will have more eventful weekends. Until then, we are piglet sitters haha!!

Until next time…

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