Piglets are one week old!

This weekend update will be quick, mainly because the whole weekend revolved around cleaning, cleaning…… and more cleaning…. plus spending time with the animals.The best part about taking care of the little piglets is sitting down with them and teaching them how to socialize with people. Right now I have two female piglets that  are doing  fantastic with that (they’re pictured below). One of them I finally named “Gracie”, she has the cutest spot on her nose! Anytime I sit down, she quickly finds me and jumps onto my lap and wants to play… its adorable. The other female piglet loves to play like a puppy, I pretend pinch her cheeks and she jumps around in excitement. They are barely now over a week old and so much progress has been made, especially since one of my pigs took a whole year to socialize because I’ve adopted him at year old. Needless to say… I am more than ecstatic!! 

Sunday was a full on work day, except for a few hours when my parents came by to visit us and go to dinner. The morning consisted of trying to get the tractor box blade on to the tractor, followed by Alex pulling out weeds with it and  ground leveling. This was so exhausting but well worth it, our property looks 10 times better. My parents got to see all the animals and spent some extra time with the little piglets. We finished the day by going to our favorite BBQ restaurant , this was the first time taking my parents there and I am more than sure they loved the food! When we got home, we finished the night off by feeding all the animals and watching a movie together… well if me falling asleep midway counts as “together”.


See you next week for another update! 

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