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This weekend was full of excitement. Lets start of with Saturday.. I got up early in the morning to drive to a car dealership… Ha ha not to work but to another dealership to see this specific car I saw online in person. The car I am referring to is an FJ Cruiser, its one of the cars I’ve wanted since I was in high school. After test driving the car of my dreams, I knew  I wanted to take it home.Everything happened so quickly, but within the hour I was trading my VW Tiguan to this bad-ass FJ Cruiser.  I couldn’t wait to drive it everywhere… well I did have an errand to run before I went home. I stopped at the Grocery Store to pick up pizza & cake ingredients to make a home cooked meal for our friends that were going to be over at the house within a few hours. I loaded up my car with groceries and headed home to be greeted by Alex with a smirk on his face… He couldn’t wait to drive it! Some of our friends showed up and went out adventuring while I prepped ingredients for the pizza and my signature cake. The kitchen filled with caramel scent of the cake and within an hour got over powered with the homemade pizza sauce aroma. Right when the pizza was ready to be served, Nancy arrived. We sat around the table eating pizza and shared funny stories. Right after dessert, the guys started getting ready to take off camping for the night. As soon as they took off, me and Nancy talked for hours… my dog Miss spent the whole time laying on Nancy to keep warm. Sunday morning I spend most of my day taking care of my farm animals and couldn’t help but to take a few “donkey selfies” with my Boomer. Mid day I took off to my parents home to go out to dinner, this Sunday my parents wanted me to try this new diner in their town called “Mr. D’s Diner”. I tried the Tex Mex Omelette which was filled with cheddar cheese, sausage, olives, and jalapenos. It was sooo good, but I could not even start on potatoes and toast after I ate the entire omelette!! It was so much fun to go to a cute little diner with my parents and enjoy great comfort food. Overall, this weekend was pure success.

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