Summer Trip to Catalina Island.

This summer, me and my best friend made a promise that we would adventure out together and create memories. This was our second trip and we decided on Catalina Island.

We started our journey by taking the Catalina Express, it was such a calming feeling to be out in the water that early in the morning. When we got to the island, the first thing we did was explore the nearest restaurant… what can we say we love our food. We found this adorable place, the Avalon Grille. The food was so delicious, we sat in the restaurant’s patio and enjoyed the beautiful day while stuffing our faces with burgers. After we fueled up, we adventured out on the island by walking up the stairs and taking a moment to take in the wonderful view… after a million steps we finally made it back down and took a little ride on the bus to Catalina Island Conservancy. We ended up spending a lot of time hiking and enjoying the unique mosaic inside the building. After the long hike, we stopped and got ourselves smoothies and spent the rest of the day by the beach. Oh… the beach…. we just happened to be right by the “Beach Club” that was the most insane thing to watch. Broad daylight with a random DJ playing and a “unique” clientele grinding on each other.. But after a few hours of that entertainment, we finished our adventurous day with some freshly made ice cream and waited for out boat back to Long Beach. As we were on the water on our way back, we got to experience a beautiful sunset. A perfect ending to a perfect day. 

until next time… 

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