Current Favorites.

Current Favorites. 

I found two little gems that I am currently obsessing over this month & I also rediscovered an old favorite.  At the grocery store I walked by the cereal aisle, I glanced at the Maple Pecan Granola and was instantly intrigued… I love pecans!! This is such a satisfying snack, you can top it on yogurt to create a parfait or even mix it with other dried fruits and nuts as your own trail mix.  If you prefer more of a breakfast item, opt to mix it with regular oatmeal and warm it up…. deliciousness!!! For all of our green tea lovers, I found this delicious version by Lipton – White Mangosteen Peach Green Tea. This is such a refreshing green tea, you can steep the tea to create an iced tea during the warmer weather… I personally love hot tea so I add a little honey and I am all set. Now for an old favorite when you are in a mood for a sweet treat, try the caramel version of the MilkyWay called “Simply Caramel” . Caramel + Chocolate = you can’t go wrong with that. Fun Fact: Use the Caramel MilkyWay and use it in baking – try chopping it up and adding it to your brownies & Voila!! 

current obsessions

Anytime I find something food related that I am obsessing over, I will completely go overboard and eat/drink that everyday… and I mean everyday! Another fun fact: my junior year of high school I ate oatmeal every single day & my senior I lived off steamed vegetables…. let’s just say my mom wasn’t too thrilled about my eating habits back then. 

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