Fall Inspired Jewelry.

Fall Inspired Jewelry.

One of my favorite things to do is create jewelry, I’ve made everything from earrings, bracelets & necklaces. This time around I decided to incorporate fall shapes with fresh uplifting colors. For the earrings i took two mother of pearl shells in the shape of a leaf, added two Swarovski  beads on each earring- choosing only blues & lavenders as my main colors.

Then I moved on to the necklace… oh boy!! warning patience is required for this one! This literally took about 5 days – well not full days but at least few hours each day. Through the midst of it I almost gave up, thankfully I found the patience to finish the necklace & the result was absolutely beautiful. The beading style I used was taught to me in Russia, so I’m not sure what would be equivalent in the US.  In between the beading, I added pearls and genuine stones to make the necklace a little more special. The reason I choose to create my own jewelry is that I love the feeling that you cannot just purchase it at a store. Another reason is to have a good quality piece of jewelry with genuine stones & metals without having to pay an inflated retail pricing for the same quality. Most of all, it is one of my favorite hobbies!









My inspiration when creating jewelry comes from all over the place. I will see something similar in a magazine or in a store, sometimes its simply inspired from nature. I am on a hunt to create my next piece, the question is…. “What will it be?”


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