Life Update… (part two)

Life Update… reflection on 2015 (part two)

 As we all jump right into the new year 2016, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on my thoughts of 2015. 

Just a few things I’ve learned this past year that I hope to pass along these lessons on to you:                                        (these are my personal quotes, use my name when quoting and enjoy)

  • Don’t fear what you cannot see.
  • You’re your own broken soul.
  • This is a time of compassion, learn to find it.
  • Change is created one person, one good deed at a time.
  • What you put into this world may be forgiven, but it will never be forgotten.
  • Another person’s happiness is not the absence of your own.
  • Speak to others the way you want to be spoken to or spoken of.
  • People will surprise you, underestimate you and try to brake you; Don’t ever try to prove them wrong, those same people want what you have, fortunately they have nothing that you want and that is a blessing.

This year I found the strength to speak my mind and to avoid poisonous opinions, I sought what I’ve always had inside of me……courage.  

Until next time…. 

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