Russian Inspired Cake

Russian Inspired Cake.

Over the holidays, I decided to make a delicious yellow cake with a touch of my Russian heritage. In Russia, berries/nuts/caramel are used very frequently in sweets. Most of the time, you will notice Russian cakes are decorated with a winter-esk feel. 

How did I create this? 

I started with my infamous yellow cake infused with caramel ( you can find the recipe here). My main tip is to frost the cake as soon as it leaves the oven, this ensures that the frosting sinks into the cake. Why? The cake then becomes extra moist, which is a perfect blank canvas to decorate. After the frosted cake is cooled off, you can now begin to add your special touches. I then take the berries and layer them appropriately, one final step is to sprinkle coarse white sugar on top for decoration purpose only.  Try it out, its wonderful.



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